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AI and Ethical Digital Citizenship

Application 07-01-2024 ~ 07-18-2024
Learning 07-22-2024 ~ 09-02-2024(6 Weeks)
Course ID 2024_80_CL002_1_2_
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About the Course

This course begins with an overview of AI’s evolution, clarifying essential terms and distinctions. We delve into AI governance, examining global and local frameworks, policies, and the roles of various organizations.

Focusing on ethics, we will address the moral principles guiding AI, strategies for embedding fairness, accountability, and transparency, and analyze case studies of ethical challenges, including human labor costs and environmental concerns. The course also provides guidance on responsible AI use in educational settings, emphasizing ethical decision-making, privacy, consent, and data protection.
We tackle the issue of misinformation, exploring AI's role in generating and spreading false information, and teach strategies to identify and combat fake news and deepfakes. Additionally, the course examines the broader societal impacts of AI, including its effects on the economy, employment, and the digital divide.
By the end of this course, learners will understand AI's applications, governance, and ethical considerations, and be equipped to make informed, ethical decisions in their professional and personal lives. Become a well-informed digital citizen ready to navigate and shape the future of AI technology.



Lisa Van Wyk has extensive experience working with International NGOs and activist organizations as a communication and campaign strategist, creative content producer, and trainer.

She specializes in the development of ethical, creative, and relevant communications with an emphasis on audiences in the global south as well as capacity building in the fields of MIL, storytelling, and communication strategy.

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