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Curriculum Development for GCED Educators: Perspectives, Purposes, and Practices

Said Alibekov

Overall, I would say that it was my second course to take on GCED online campus and it was very useful for me in terms of my both career and future studies. I would highly recommend the course to educators and trainers or any other people involved in the field of education. The course has endowed me with better theoretical understanding of the step-by-step curriculum development. Although I had minor experience with curriculum development, the course was very knowledgeable since it contained very structured details of the whole process of curriculum development. Moreover, it was based not solely on lectures delivered by a professor, but also was complemented with a variety of academic papers, articles and excerpts from books written by outstanding experts in this field. That I found very essential as it is always important to see different perspectives to a certain concept. In addition, the course also provided a chance for a peer-to-peer and group exchange through the forums. That I must say was also very efficient since the lecturer provided her own feedback to every students posts and writing for every week session. It is a pity that I did not receive any feedback to my last writing assignment which, according to the course description and syllabus, should have been graded. Yet I find that I had very rewarding and useful experience taking this course and would like to thank all the people involved in its organisation and delivery. I am really intent to take more courses on your learning platform.

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A wide range of courses with specific topics on GCED are available here!

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