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Climate Change in Practice

Application 12-20-2019 ~ 12-31-2020
Learning 12-24-2019 ~ 12-31-2020(53 weeks)
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About the Course

Nowadays, ‘Climate Change’ is certainly one of the most urgent and prominent global issues to be solved. This 4-week course seeks to provide learners to understand the terms, concepts and background knowledge of climate change, as well as the global efforts and international agendas that are taking place to address the issue. Through these activities, learners will deepen their knowledge and enhance their competencies to cope with the climate change, reaffirming their commitment as global citizens.


The course is composed of the following four sessions. Each session provides a lecture and additional learning materials followed by assignments. To effectively assist learners’ understanding and learning progress, a set of quizzes will be offered. Run in a self-paced mood, the course is open throughout the year. Upon the successful completion of the course, a certificate is provided! 





Ms. Manana Ratiani


- Deputy Director of National Center for Teacher Professional Development

- Associate Professor of the School of Business, Technology and Education in Ilia State University

- Served as a Focal point on Education for Sustainable Development at National Curriculum and Assessment Centre as a Geography expert

Course Reviews

  • Satya Prakash Mehra
    Fantastic Course for the learners of CC