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GCED101: Introduction to GCED

모집기간 2019-04-01 ~ 2020-12-31
학습기간 2019-04-01 ~ 2020-12-31(92 weeks)
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About the Course


The course aims to provide an overview of the GCED (Global Citizenship Education) as well as its background, concepts under the framework of UNESCO, and guidelines for teaching and learning. The course will help participants gain an understanding of the key concepts and principles of GCED, recognize educational issues relevant to GCED, and identify pedagogical approaches to GCED.



   Chapter 1  The World We Live in 1 
   Chapter 2  The World We Live in 2
   Chapter 3  The Education We Need
   Chapter 4  Emergence of GCED as Global Education Agenda
   Chapter 5  Understanding GCED within SDG4
   Chapter 6  Who is a Global Citizen?
   Chapter 7  What is Global Citizenship Education(GCED)?
   Chapter 8  Thematic Areas of GCED
   Chapter 9  Learning Contents of GCED
   Chapter 10    Teaching GCED to Transform: Pedagogical Principles of GCED
   Chapter 11  How to Teach GCED Effectively: Teaching Strategies and Approaches
   Chapter 12  GCED in Practice: Teaching GCED in Classroom


Certificates will be given to participants who fulfill the requirements; more than 80% of lecture attendance and submission of an assignment at the end of the course.









Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding under the auspices of UNESCO


The Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) was established in 2000 as a UNESCO Category 2 centre to promote education for a Culture of Peace. APCEIU is working in close collaboration with UNESCO Offices, National Commissions of Member States, related educational institutes, and civil society to promote global citizenship education (GCED) under the framework of education for international understanding (EIU) towards a Culture of Peace.


APCEIU has devoted itself to strengthening GCED/EIU capacities by pursuing its philosophy and policies through training teachers and teacher trainers; research and policy development; developing educational materials and programs; organizing different levels of workshops and conferences; and strengthening the network of teachers, educators, experts, civil society leaders and other stakeholders.


강좌 리뷰

  • Sonam Peldon
    Through the course I have learnt that Global citizenship is the sense of belongingness to the common humanity and is the idea that all people have rights and civic responsibilities that come with being a member of the planet. The idea is that one’s identity transcends geography or political borders and that responsibilities or rights are derived from membership in a broader class: "humanity". The course have really ignited my interest in global citizenship. It can enable people to be more emotional, mindful, compassionate and enhance critical thinking which are some of the basic skill required to become a global citizen and learn to make peace.
    In all and all it was an enriching experience and great learning platform and i look forward to learning more from this GCED Online Campus.
  • Souleymane SAMAKE
    Since I started to follow GCED courses, I have had a great desire to know more and more about it willingly to be GCED trainer some days in my place. However, the knowledges taught in GCED are so useful that they derserve to be more known, more spread out to all peoples without any distinction. I mean, we do not have to be in the formal way (educated, speaking English, French....etc.) to receive GCED knowdges. But it knowleges must be available for all so that its real impacts may be occured and seing. I think the real challenge for the GCED conceptors, is how to bring GCED learning to every family in the world as they might be educated or non educated? How to share GCED learning with every culture throughout the wolrd?
    It is only at this price, with the collaboration of all the Global Citizens, that we can make the dream of GCED into reality.

    Thanks so much to APCEIU and Ban - Ki moon Centre for their hard works to make this planet a better place for all living things on the earth!
    it was an additional eye opener, i am a pedagogue, this course has really added to my understanding on the concept of GCED and its relationship with our world.
  • Thandar Aung
    • Develop attitudes of empathy, solidarity and respect for differences and Diversity
    • Understand why everyone should be a Global Citizen and as a Global Citizen what we do
    • Experience a sense of belonging to common humanity, sharing values and responsibilities, based on human rights
    • Realize that learners are the members of the global community and live together in peace with others, contributing to making a more just, peaceful and sustainable society
  • Teddy Nassiwa
    The course has been very educative and informative. The video shows and image learning made the content real and attractive leading to deep understanding of the topics under study. Its exam free setup made me concentrate on understanding more the content rather than focusing on passing the course. It was a great course, please keep it up.
  • Taeraoi Teeta Tekaie
    It was a wonderful experience in taking part in GCED online course. With GCED, I understand that I am contributing in creating and developing global issues therefore, GCED strongly stressed that I am a global citizen responsible to promote sense of belongingness to my community and school children. I have to engage school children to identify global issues and provide a transformative education so they could develop their social emotional to think of what kind of the world they are living in. They will develop their cognitive thinking skill so they could think critically about their responsibilities to their community and to change their behavioral attitude in order to respect others to make a just and peaceful between themselves and the entire world.
  • Santosh Kumar Biswa
    I am really impressed with this course because it made me realize about the need of education for transformation and to know the world in deeper sense away from ethnic differences for global citizenship. I am in love with GCED course and encourage all to take it up to help oneself and others at large being an agent of change as it enables one to be a contended leader who can sweep over any situation that arise in the society. I am fully satisfied taking this GCED course.
  • Salil Agarwal
    1) Approach for inclusive and equitable quality education for children, youth and adults, while promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.
    2) Accomplish all of the education targets; this in turn will also strengthen international cooperation across the world of education.
    3) Arrangement and mechanism for significant additional financing to achieve the new targets and that resources to be used in the most effective manner to take further continual progress on SDG4-Education 2030.
    4) Good governance and citizen-led accountability in education. SDG4-Education 2030 will make historic progress in education,
    5) Bold, innovative and sustainable actions will truly transforms lives in the world.
  • Martha Kalua
    I honestly want to share that the GCED 101 online course has been so educative to me. Besides it being educative, instructions were simple to follow and allowed me to learn at my own pace, and had exposed me to latest e-learning technology. I thanks for introducing this online course.
  • Kuenga Wangmo Dorjee
    It is a great learning experience! GCED is a complete package for a novice person which includes a wide range of activities that actually made the concept a comprehensive one. It has awakened and transformed me the way I view my surroundings. Now, I pledge to think critically and act responsibly towards peacebuilding. Thank you.