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Digital Safety

Application 10-28-2021 ~ 12-31-2023
Learning 11-01-2021 ~ 12-31-2023(113 [[study_weeks]])
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About the Course

The use of digital media and platforms has become a seamless extension of everyday life for many people across the world, and, in response to the global pandemic, this has become even more deeply entrenched. While vast inequalities exist, digital platform use is steadily increasing across the globe. Safe navigation of these digital spaces is a critical issue.
Whereas many digital safety programmes are focused on digital security, a term which mostly takes into account the protection of digital assets and information, it is vitally important that young people are given tools to maximise their digital safety, a more holistic approach that covers all aspects of potential dangers and harms might encounter in the digital space. There is no point in encouraging young people to limit their digital engagement, as traditional safety programmes have tended to do. This course will be a practical resource that takes into account the realities of our digital world.



Course Reviews

  • zhan zhang
    It is very good
  • Zhang xinyu
    it is very great
  • Songde Ruan

    rightly pointed
  • Yilin Yee Yilin Yee
  • Shuai Liu
  • Fu Qiang Wu
  • Anonymous
    The most useful and impressive thing in the course is about different types of data and how to report in different types of apps.
  • Anonymous
    Informative information and very interesting topic on Digital Safety
  • Anonymous
    This course taught me of the awareness of digital safety. It helped me clarify of my responsibilities as a digital citizen. It also offered ways on how to combat digital abuse especially to women and marginalized group
  • Mariel Baybay
    I'm glad i'd enroll in this course it taught me a lot about how the progress of internet nowadays and it's effects