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Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment: A Pathway to Sustainable Development

Application 01-15-2020 ~ 12-31-2024
Learning 02-10-2020 ~ 12-31-2024(255 Weeks)
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About the Course




This course aims to introduce the topic of gender equality and women’s empowerment with a combination of the series of lectures by renowned international experts on concepts, theories and thematic areas, interviews with scholars, UN representatives, change makers, case presentations of innovative approaches and practices by global citizens all around the world. Understanding the 5th SDG - the multifaceted issues around it and the efforts put forth worldwide to achieve it - is the foundation for this course. Particularly, the course aims to examine and critically reflect on the revolving issues around both gender equality and women’s empowerment with sustainable development by providing a platform where learners can virtually meet and learn from one another. It will bring a critical eye to gender inequality and how it is addressed in the field of sustainable development. Learners will be able to deepen their understanding of gender equality and women’s empowerment, exchange and embrace different perspectives, and challenge their own assumptions. The course invites those who see themselves as global citizens as well as who aspire to assume active roles in bringing meaningful changes to oneself and so the society they are in.


Course Objectives:

  • To promote the importance of gender equality in achieving the SDGs.
  • To provide practical knowledge and introduce the innovative practices of gender equality and women empowerment in different parts of the world.
  • To expand learners’ perspectives on women’s rights and empowerment as a shared vision for peaceful, sustainable, and prosperous society
  • To motivate learners to take part in contributing to build a more equal society for all


No Modules Units
1 Introduction to Gender Equality and Women's Rights

1) History of Pursuing Gender Equality and Women's Rights

2) How Gender Equality is defined by UN

3) A Platform for Action: The Beijing Declaration 1995-Now

4) Mobilizing Changes: CSW, UN Women

2 Gender Equality in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

1) Links between Gender Equality and Sustainable Development

2) SDG #5: Stand-alone Goal on Gender Equality

3) Beyond SDG #5: Gender Equality across all the 17 SDGs

4) Progress and Remaining Challenges for SDG #5

3 Women's Empowerment

1) Overview of Empowerment Policies

2) Education: Girls' Education

3) Women's Social and Economic Participation

4) Political Participation, Advancing Women Leaders

5) Gender Equality as a Shared Vision for All and Social Justice

4 Critical Issues on Gender Equality

1) Violence and Discrimination Against Women

2) Health and Gender Equality

3) Climate Change and Gender Equality

4) Migration and Gender Equality

5) Governance and Gender-responsive Policy-making

5 Plan for Action: Paving the Way to Equality

1) Global Partnership for Achieving Gender Equality

2) Movements and Cases on Advancing Women's Rights and Empowerment

3) Tools and Strategies for Gender Equality



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Course Reviews

  • Adalyn Aliswag
    Thank you for an enlightening lecture.
  • Tahir Mehmood
    kindly let me know how to take lecture
  • Joseph Calimpong
    it was nice
    This course was really beneficial to me in terms of developing awareness about gender equality and women's empowerment issues. I realized that empowering women is important to a family's, community's, or country's health and growth. Women can attain their full potential when they live safe, fulfilled, and productive lives. Making a contribution to the workforce and raising happier and healthier children are two benefits.
    This course helps a lot especially in human living, we live rationally and in order to participate in people's sigh engaging to our society, we have to be aware from the pros and cons of our rights. Man and women should be treated fairly to commit the equality , peace , and avoid the unmannered actions against women and girls. Proper communication and obtained good manner and right conduct is the medium for us to be empowered , to create a specific place for living, a productive environment and an innovative economy that will be the source to sustain our needs for now and for the future.
  • Maria Irika Valle
    It's a privilege to have an opportunity to become part of this course, I learned how to be Women Empowered, a woman known to become resilient to be able to build a strong personality to become a Good leader and mostly helps me in order to become empowered is not be able to humiliate and underestimate by men instead of high respect and gratitude. It is not easy to apply with but trusts the process.
  • Armelle Mutoke Binti Sindano
    It is a great pleasure to have this opportunity. This course has just added more to my knowledge,I am glad I have gotten to know about this online course and I wish to get more courses like this.
  • Abhilasha Kashyap
    I am glad I took the course. It helped me broaden my ideas and ways of thinking.
  • Nooreen Maqsood karim
    It's always a great pleasure to take such courses as it does not only motivate us to stay consistent despite many challenges but also gives us hope and courage to support each other. My learning experience through this course is inexplicable as I get to know about challenges women are facing world wide and it is my little step toward global citizenship.
  • Chengkuac Awan Chengkuac
    I was so delighted to take this course due to my work related and experience i have on empowerment of youth and women in my country. by the facts, am enlighten with the information i came across during this course which has given me another dimension on how to tackle gender issues and promotion of women rights. i found it so educated and encouraged for me to do more on women affairs.