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GCED101: Introduction to GCED (Certificate Course)

Application 04-01-2019 ~ 12-31-2022
Learning 04-01-2019 ~ 12-31-2022(196 Weeks)
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About the Course


The course aims to provide an overview of the GCED (Global Citizenship Education) as well as its background, concepts under the framework of UNESCO, and guidelines for teaching and learning. The course will help participants gain an understanding of the key concepts and principles of GCED, recognize educational issues relevant to GCED, and identify pedagogical approaches to GCED.



   Chapter 1  The World We Live in 1 
   Chapter 2  The World We Live in 2
   Chapter 3  The Education We Need
   Chapter 4  Emergence of GCED as Global Education Agenda
   Chapter 5  Understanding GCED within SDG4
   Chapter 6  Who is a Global Citizen?
   Chapter 7  What is Global Citizenship Education(GCED)?
   Chapter 8  Thematic Areas of GCED
   Chapter 9  Learning Contents of GCED
   Chapter 10    Teaching GCED to Transform: Pedagogical Principles of GCED
   Chapter 11  How to Teach GCED Effectively: Teaching Strategies and Approaches
   Chapter 12  GCED in Practice: Teaching GCED in Classroom


Certificates will be given to participants who fulfill the requirements; more than 80% of lecture attendance and submission of an assignment at the end of the course.









Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding under the auspices of UNESCO


The Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) was established in 2000 as a UNESCO Category 2 centre to promote education for a Culture of Peace. APCEIU is working in close collaboration with UNESCO Offices, National Commissions of Member States, related educational institutes, and civil society to promote global citizenship education (GCED) under the framework of education for international understanding (EIU) towards a Culture of Peace.


APCEIU has devoted itself to strengthening GCED/EIU capacities by pursuing its philosophy and policies through training teachers and teacher trainers; research and policy development; developing educational materials and programs; organizing different levels of workshops and conferences; and strengthening the network of teachers, educators, experts, civil society leaders and other stakeholders.


Course Reviews

    This course challenge me to be part of change, to make an impact to others and to touch the lives of others and I would say that I am accepting this challenge.
  • Judy Ann Ferrer
    This course is informative.
  • Mark Mykel Villano
    This course is informative and helpful to all students.
  • Elizabeth M. Cenon
    The course is very comprehensive and is vary useful to educators!
  • Beatrice Mae Bantayan
    Great course, very comprehensive!
    very informative and its motivates me to study all the chapters.
  • shafia khan
    this chapter describes how people in the world are closely connected and inter dependent with each other.No individual can survive alone in this world.Somehow how we have to interact for living our accept interconnection with positive way not an obligation
  • Tesfaye Fufa
    All lecture topics are exciting and productive for building new ideas about Global citizen
  • Mila Jaca
    It opened my eyes to reality of the globalization in terms of education, culture, and transformation. The course was interesting and meaningful.
  • Joy Risher Sy
    the lesson in this course were enjoyable and informative