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You Can Eliminate Discrimination Against Women!

Application 02-14-2024 ~ 03-06-2024
Learning 03-13-2024 ~ 04-18-2024(5 Weeks)
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About the Course

It is a reality that women and girls still experience discriminatory laws, policies, and practices that curtail their human rights. In fact, The Gender Snapshot 2022 report  ALERTS us that at the current rate of progress, it will take up to 286 years to close gaps in legal protection and remove discriminatory laws related to women.

What can YOU and I do about this situation? Is Gender Equality an elusive goal?

This course will expose you to feminist activist approaches to the elimination of discrimination against women and will include too, the understanding of CEDAW, the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, and Special Procedures. We will discuss the question “Do UN mechanisms work?

In particular, we will learn about Violence against Women (VAW). VAW is both the cause & consequence of gender inequalities.

• Violence against women – particularly intimate partner violence and sexual violence – is a major public health problem and a violation of women's human rights.

• Estimates published by WHO indicate that globally about 1 in 3 (30%) of women worldwide have been subjected to either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.


This course is exclusively designed for women. Whether you're a student, professional, or homemaker, This course is designed to support you on your unique journey!



Ivy N Josiah is a Malaysian women’s human rights advocate and a gender consultant cum educator. Ivy is the former President and Executive Director of Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO- www.wao.org.my ), where over 20 years she developed WAO’s shelter services and advocacy strategies for law and policy reform. WAO opened Malaysia’s first shelter for survivors of domestic violence in 1982.

She has a strong background in women’s human rights addressing multiple forms of discrimination against women and has conducted training in over 15 countries. She currently serves on four international boards on women’s rights and remains active in civil society. Ivy is also a member of Five Arts Centre.

She loves to advocate, dance, cook and create.

Course Reviews

  • Julian Sabiiti
    I'm Julian Sabiiti, from Uganda in East Africa. When I joined this class initially, I had expectations of what I would learn, what I would discover, who I would interact with. The experience has been more than I had hoped for. I felt like part of a group of people who had a lot in common, beliefs, experiences, questions, ideas! I especially enjoyed when we went into break out sessions and each person really shared their thoughts in detail. I felt a kinship with these ladies and I'm grateful. Cheers to friendships that have been built through this experience!
    I would like to say a big thank you to Miss Ivy for a fun learning experience. For teaching us, listening to us, encouraging us to think deeply on so many issues, for material that was eye opening and even for some shared laughs!
    Thank you also to Meto and Archita for making sure to keep up with all of us!
    Finally a thank you to the ladies who volunteered to work on our digital magazine, and to the entire class for such a meaningful experience.

    [Alumna of You Can Eliminate Violence Against Women 2023]
  • Mary Rose Montano
    This is Mary Rose Montano from the Philippines. It was a great opportunity to be part of this online course entitled "You can eliminate women discrimination". I gain a lot of knowledge from the discussion and sharing of insights and experiences about the topic for each week. Truly I enjoyed to be in this participative and collaborative class. Thank you so much Miss Ivy for being a very good facilitator of learning and for enligthening us about the different inequalities and violences experiencced by women all over the world. Thank you also Miss Meto and Miss Archita for the assistance that you gave and provide to us. Thank you GCED online campus and APCEIU. Hope to be part again of other online courses available in the classroom.

    [Alumna of You Can Eliminate Violence Against Women 2023]
  • Taiba Zulfiqar
    This is Taiba Zulfiqar from Kabul, Afghanistan. first and foremost, I thank for this great opportunity.
    This course was the most useful and effective online course I have ever had. In this course, we learned about violence against women and its different forms and how to deal with it, global women's movements and patriarchy. Once again thank you Ms.lvy, Ms.Meto, Ms.Archita and GCED Online Campus.

    [Alumna of You Can Eliminate Violence Against Women 2023]