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Global Citizenship and Cultural Diversity

Application 06-12-2018 ~ 07-05-2018
Learning 07-16-2018 ~ 08-12-2018(4 weeks)
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About the Course

The course, Global Citizenship and Cultural Diversity is targeted at practitioners in the field of education and development, social and youth workers, as well as policy-makers and civil servants. The goal of the course is to further broaden their perspectives on the topic, sharpen their knowledge and skills, as well as to strengthen their capacity to carry out what they’ve learned in their contexts.


This course provides participants with a critical understanding of the relation between Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Understanding in a globalized world. The first module looks at Cultural diversity in a globalizing world within the context of Global Citizenship and Global Education. The second module of this course discusses the different elements of Global Citizenship through explaining the different elements and instruments of Global Education. The third module reflects on intercultural learning competences and the intercultural dialogue in the public political discourse. The fourth and last module of this course focuses on the practical use of Intercultural Global Education in terms of political and social action. It also explores the key dimensions of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Next to getting acquainted to various theories and instruments, participants will, through assignments, work on their own strategy development plan which they can use after the course in their own context.



This course is led by a team of instructors consisting of Gerd Junne, and Vic Klabbers.


As a team they have been offering online courses in the context of Social Transformation since 1999 and offer various courses in the context of Global Citizenship.  


Prof. Gerd Junne held the chair in International Relations at the University of Amsterdam for 30 years. His activities mostly take place in the context of social transformation and include amongst others topics like Migration, Community Developmtrepreneurship Training for youth, and Agribusiness education.


Vic Klabbers has a background in International Political Economy and Development studies and has been developing and tutoring online courses since 1999. Next to Global Education and Citizenship he also specializes in Human Rights Based Approach, Ecological Sanitation, and Governance Accountability. Next to online courses he also advices on Scenario and concept development, educational reform at universities, and Internet Communication Strategies towards youth.

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