Call for Application for ‘AI and Ethical Digital Citizenship' is NOW OPEN!

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Wrote on : Monday, 1 July 2024, 10:51 AM
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Instructor: LISA VAN WYK
Application period: JULY 1 - JULY 18, 2024 [KST]
Learning period: JULY 22 - SEPTEMBER 2, 2024 [KST]

This course covers AI’s evolution, key terms, and governance, exploring global and local policies. It delves into AI ethics, addressing fairness, accountability, transparency, and ethical challenges like labor and environmental impacts. Guidance on responsible AI use in education, privacy, consent, and data protection is provided. We also tackle misinformation, exploring AI’s role in spreading false information and strategies to combat it. The course examines AI’s societal impacts on the economy, employment, and the digital divide. Learners will understand AI's applications, governance, and ethics by the end, enabling informed, ethical decisions. Become a well-informed digital citizen ready to shape AI’s future.

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