[Courses] Self-paced Courses) I completed all the tasks, but still have a problem with course completion.

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If you have completed the course activities (passed the Quizzes, participated in the Forums, uploaded Assignments, watched the Lecture Videos), but the checkmarks are not properly reflected, please be informed about the below situations and follow the respective instructions. 

A. For Lecture Videos

You have not completed some of the lecture videos with 90~100% completion. You can check this by clicking the left side bar of the classroom, "Progress Status.” Once there, find the videos which shows that the "Recognition time" is less than the "Minimum training time“ (See Image below). You should thoroughly watch the videos to the very end. (See below image)

If you have watched the video(s) in concern till the very end but that activity has not been properly reflected on your “Progress Status” page, then it might be because you have watched the video(s) on a mobile phone. In case you are using a mobile device, please be advised that the completion status will be successfully reflected only when you watch the videos without pausing at all. The mobile phone cannot capture the progress if you disconnect from internet or stop and watch it again. You can stop and watch the videos again using the PC and the progress will be recorded without any problem. 

B. For Quiz, Forum, Assignment, etc: 

i) Your submission has not been successful. An error may have occurred while you submitted your quiz / forum post / assignment, most likely due to the internet connection. Thus, we kindly advise you to re-submit the concerned course requirement. 

ii) [Forum] Depending on the Forum, you may be required to submit your own post as well as a number of comments on other peer’s post. In this case, your Forum participation is incomplete unless you fulfill those requirements. Thus, we advise you to read the Forum requirements carefully and submit your post as well as comments accordingly. 

On the contrary, if you have all checkboxes checked, but still have problems with the course completion, such as not being able to download your certificate, we advise you to refer to our FAQ titled “[Certificate] I completed my course, but I haven’t received my certificate yet” (or Click the title) 

If you have further inquiries, please contact the site administrator via the website message or email gcedonline@unescoapceiu.org
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