[Certificate] I completed my course, but I haven't received my certificate yet.

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If you think you have completed all course requirements (all checkboxes are checked) but still haven’t received your certificate, then you are most likely facing one of the following situations: 

1) You have not completed some of the course activities such as the lecture videos, quizzes, forums, and assignments with 90~100% completion. Please be informed that a checkmark may appear even though some activities are missing. As the system recognizes course completion based on your course activity, please make sure to complete them accordingly. For instructions, please refer to Section A and B of our FAQ titled “[Courses] Self-paced Courses) I completed all the tasks, but still have a problem with course completion” (or Click the title)

[Lecture Videos] In some occasions, the completion mark can easily appear even if you just click the video and close it right away (thereby, not completing to watch it). As the system automatically checks your video playing time and certifies your completion, please completely watch the videos to the last minute (90~100%). 

3) You have completed all course activities successfully, but the server has not processed it yet.
If this is the case, please rest assured that the server will process your completion duly. Due to the characteristics of the internet server system, it might take some time for the completion status to be successfully reflected on your page, which can take up to 15 minutes. 

Once the situation above has been solved, you will be able to download your certificate by clicking "My Course" > "Completion“ and the green button “Download Certificate”. If you need help with finding your certificate, please refer to our FAQ titled “[Certificate] How can I get access to my certificate?” (or Click the title) 

If you have further inquiries, please contact the site administrator via the website message or email gcedonline@unescoapceiu.org
or post a question on our website’s Q&A Board

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