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Critical Media Literacy

Application 12-09-2019 ~ 12-31-2024
Learning 12-10-2019 ~ 12-31-2024(264 Weeks)
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About the Course

In this highly digitalized world, critical media and information literacy is required for all, not to mention educators and youths. This 3-week course aims to enhance the learners’ competencies on Media and Information Literacy (MIL) with introduction to the current information and learning environments, required competencies to cope with the changing environments, theories on MIL, management of media contents, and ethical issues and engagement with media to promote global citizenship.


The course is composed of the following three sessions. Each session provides a lecture and additional learning materials followed by forum discussion. To effectively assist learners’ understanding and learning progress, a set of quizzes is offered per session. Run in a self-paced mood, the course is open throughout the year. Upon the successful completion of the course, a certificate is provided! 





Mr. Fabrice Teicher

 - Independent consultant for NGOs and international institutions in structural change

 - Facilitator & Instructor on MIL and PVE (Prevention of Violent Extremism) at international seminars and workshops, including UNESCO

 - Experienced in the field of human rights, and worked on issues of racism, anti-Semitism and particularly issues on memory and victim competitions and conspiracy theories


Fabrice Teicher has been working for 20 years in the field of education, training and international solidarity in Europe, Asia and Africa. In charge of the training programs then of the international projects of a French Scouting association, he then coordinated the educational department of the Holocaust Memorial in Paris, and later directed a humanitarian development NGO present in 12 countries, to help children in needs.


Holding a MA in Contemporary History from the Sorbonne University in Paris, he has been working for 20 years on the issues of racism and discrimination and especially on issues of memory and victim competitions and conspiracy theories. This work has led him to intervene for some years in PVE programs in prisons, in schools and with professionals facing the rise of racism and extremism (civil servants, teachers, social workers, policymakers) as well as with International Organizations. He has been contributing to various PVE seminars and publications for UNESCO for the past few years.


Fabrice Teicher is a member of the RAN network of the European Commission.



Course Reviews

  • Dorji Duba
    It was an informative course. I have learned many things and enjoyed learning this topic.
  • Pema Tenzin
    I enjoyed this course
  • Passang Lhamo
    i enjoyed this course
  • Yeshi Dorji
    The course is really informative and timely for us as the world is bombarded with the lots of information and contents.
  • Stanley Junior Bernard
    The course on Critical Media Literacy provides me with a valuable introduction to the concept of media literacy and its significance in our contemporary society. The course covers a wide range of topics, including media representation, propaganda, Conspiracy theory and the impact of social media on our perceptions of reality. The course also emphasizes the importance of critical thinking skills and provides practical tools and strategies for analyzing and evaluating media messages.
  • Sodiq Ajadi
    This course helps a lot and very informative, and useful
  • Damilare Fadiyimu
    The course is very informative and enlightening.
  • nan li
  • Wangyuan Ni
    informative and engaging
  • Vui Ket Chong