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  • Exclusively for Youth

    Voices of Youth: Youth Advocacy for GCED (7th Youth Workshop Participants Only)

    The course aims to provide base knowledge and practical skills in youth advocacy to enhance the capacities of youth activists and to inspire potential young leaders to effectively promote GCED at local and global levels. Through the course, participants are expected to recognize youth as an active agent for GCED and gain competencies in planning and implementing youth-led activities in a variety of contexts. The course introduces what advocacy is, how to plan and carry out campaigns and other advocacy initiatives on GCED, and shares good cases and practices worldwide.   Session 1 : What is GCED? Session 2 : What is Advocacy? Session 3 : Youth as an active agent for GCED Session 4 : Sharing cases This is a self-paced course so participants can decide their own schedule.     Enrollment Process As long as your application is successfully submitted, you will be enrolled to the course.  Please follow the instructions to enter the classroom. 1) Log in 2) Click "My Courses" underneath your name 3) Find "Voices of Youth" and click it to enter the classroom.         Course Preview            

    Application 06-04-2021 ~ 06-11-2021

    Learning 06-07-2021 ~ 06-13-2021

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  • Exclusively for Trainers

    5th Global Capacity-Building Workshop on GCED

    This 4-week course, specifically designed for the selected participants of the 5th Global Capacity-Building Workshop on GCEㅇ, aims to enhance their capacity as teacher trainers, teachers, policy makers and curriculum developers in the four major sectors of GCED – policy making, curriculum development, teacher training, and student assessment. A series of lectures will provide opportunities for the participants to deepen their understanding and knowledge of GCED as well as to critically think about issues around global citizenship in a timely manner.   

    Application 11-23-2020 ~ 12-18-2020

    Learning 11-23-2020 ~ 12-18-2020

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  • GCED by Themes

    Global Citizenship and Cultural Diversity

    The course, Global Citizenship and Cultural Diversity is targeted at practitioners in the field of education and development, social and youth workers, as well as policy-makers and civil servants. The goal of the course is to further broaden their perspectives on the topic, sharpen their knowledge and skills, as well as to strengthen their capacity to carry out what they’ve learned in their contexts.   This course provides participants with a critical understanding of the relation between Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Understanding in a globalized world. The first module looks at Cultural diversity in a globalizing world within the context of Global Citizenship and Global Education. The second module of this course discusses the different elements of Global Citizenship through explaining the different elements and instruments of Global Education. The third module reflects on intercultural learning competences and the intercultural dialogue in the public political discourse. The fourth and last module of this course focuses on the practical use of Intercultural Global Education in terms of political and social action. It also explores the key dimensions of the Sustainable Development Goals.   Next to getting acquainted to various theories and instruments, participants will, through assignments, work on their own strategy development plan which they can use after the course in their own context.

    Application 06-12-2018 ~ 07-05-2018

    Learning 07-16-2018 ~ 08-12-2018

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  • Open to Public

    GCED 101: Introduction to GCED (Certificate Course)

    The course aims to provide an overview of the GCED (Global Citizenship Education) as well as its background, concepts under the framework of UNESCO, and guidelines for teaching and learning. The course will help participants gain an understanding of the key concepts and principles of GCED, recognize educational issues relevant to GCED, and identify pedagogical approaches to GCED.        Chapter 1  The World We Live in 1     Chapter 2  The World We Live in 2    Chapter 3  The Education We Need    Chapter 4  Emergence of GCED as Global Education Agenda    Chapter 5  Understanding GCED within SDG4    Chapter 6  Who is a Global Citizen?    Chapter 7  What is Global Citizenship Education(GCED)?    Chapter 8  Thematic Areas of GCED    Chapter 9  Learning Contents of GCED    Chapter 10   Teaching GCED to Transform: Pedagogical Principles of GCED    Chapter 11  How to Teach GCED Effectively: Teaching Strategies and Approaches    Chapter 12  GCED in Practice: Teaching GCED in Classroom     Certificates will be given to participants who fulfill the requirements; more than 80% of lecture attendance and submission of an assignment at the end of the course.

    Application 06-01-2018 ~ 06-25-2018

    Learning 06-25-2018 ~ 08-25-2018

    Certificate Yes