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  • D-189

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    Creative Storytelling for Changemakers

    Storytelling is fast becoming a crucial skill for framing issues in a way that inspires positive change. In this course, participants will be introduced to some key concepts, and explore the potential storytelling holds to create empathy and understanding, as well as how it can be used to assert identity. Participants will also get an introduction to story building.    Title Creative Storytelling for Changemakers   Course Duration Run throughout the year Target Educators & general public   Course Details Module 1 The power of stories Module 2 What is a story? Module 3 Story and identity Module 4 Shaping stories for impact  Module 5 Building a story         

    Application 12-13-2022 ~ 12-31-2024

    Learning 12-20-2022 ~ 12-31-2024

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    Prerequisite course for 23rd Asia-Pacific Training Workshop on EIU/GCED

    This course provides basic knowledge of Global Citizenship Education (GCED), especially in the context of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Throughout the course, learners will be able to acquire knowledge of GCED in various aspects of global issues and have reflections on the role of education in achieving GCED and SDGs with various learning materials.This prerequisite course is exclusively for applicants for the 23rd Asia-Pacific Training Workshop on EIU/GCED. * Application Deadline: ~ 6 JUNE 2024 (KST, Seoul Time)* Eligibility: Educators from the UNESCO Member States in the Asia-Pacific region (with a minimum 3-year career experience)   For more information, please visit

    Application 05-07-2024 ~ 06-06-2024

    Learning 05-07-2024 ~ 06-06-2024

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  • Exclusively for Youth

    GCED for Youth

    This course introduces the SDGs and the notion of Global Citizenship through a series of lectures by renowned experts from all over the world, interviews with scholars, advocates, and representatives from all different sectors, and case presentations by active global citizens. The course aims to examine and critically reflect on the revolving issues around the globe at local, national, and international levels by providing a platform where learners can virtually meet and learn from one another. Learners will be able to deepen their understanding of the SDGs and global citizenship, exchange and embrace different perspectives, and challenge their own assumptions.   The course invites those who see themselves as global citizens as well as who aspire to assume active roles in bringing meaningful changes to oneself and to the society they are in.   In particular, applicants for this year's 10th Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED should complete this prerequisite course for the application. No. Module Units 1 Global Citizenship and the SDGs 1) Understanding Global Citizenship in the Context of the SDGs. 2) Why & What is Global Citizenship? 3) What does Global Citizenship Mean to Me? 2 Global Citizenship in a Challenging World Key Challenges to Global Citizenship - Education - Conflict, peacebuilding and inter-cultural/inter-religious dialog - Gender Equality and Women's Rights - Migration & Refugees - Panel Discussion on Critical Issues around Global Citizenship 3 Act to Change: Global Citizenship for Transformation Highlights and Key Issues of the SDGs - Women and Youth Empowerment - SDGs and education 4 Meet the Global Citizens Around the World Case studies of innovative movements and cases of global citizens 5 Plan for Action: Becoming Active Global Citizens 1) How to become active global citizens 2) Advocacy tools and strategies

    Application 03-15-2024 ~ 04-14-2024

    Learning 03-15-2024 ~ 04-14-2024

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