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Thank you for visiting GCED Online Campus!

To become a member of the GCED Online Campus, you need to SIGN UP First. Usually, you receive the verification email immediately after you sign up, however, due to the huge number of new members joining us in the recent weeks, the process may get delayed, keeping you wait for hours occasionally. We are trying to fix this problem, and therefore, even if you do not receive the confirmation email, you will be able to log in within maximum 12 hours after you sign up.

Moreover, due to an upsurge of users, the GCED Online Campus website and all the lecture videos was inaccessible for the last several hours. The site is now recovered, so please try taking the course again.

For any inquiries regarding sign-up, please contact us via or

Thank you for your kind understanding.

We hope you enjoy learning with GCED Online Campus!

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All accounts of the students who could not get a confirmation email are being confirmed by administrators of GCED Online Campus on a daily basis. Thus, if you succeed with the login, please start taking the online course.

Youth Workshop applicants must complete the prerequisite course, "Becoming Global Citizens for a Sustainable Society" by 9 March 2020 (KST 23:59).