Register for the Pre-requisite course for the 23rd Asia-Pacific Training Workshop (APTW) on EIU/GCED!

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For more information, please visit the APCEIU Website here and attached concept note.

To apply follow the instructions below.

* Eligibility: Educators from the UNESCO Member States in the Asia-Pacific region (with a minimum 3-year career experience) 

* This Workshop does not require any participation fee as it will be held exclusively for selected candidates.

< How to Apply >


Step 1) Take the pre-requisite e-learning course 'Prerequisite course for the 23rd Asia-Pacific Training Workshop on EIU/GCED' at GCED Online Campus

This prerequisite course is exclusively for applicants for the 23rd Asia-Pacific Training Workshop on EIU/GCED.

Click here to register for the Pre-Requisite Course!

* All applicants MUST complete the course before submitting the application and attach the certificate to the application. 

Step 2) Submit the application form

Click here to submit your Application form!

* Application Deadline: 6 June 2024 (KST, Seoul Time) 

All inquiries should be made via email to the Office of Education and Training (

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