Meet the Global Citizens

Get inspired by the stories of global citizens and get ready to start your own GCED advocacy!

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Meet the Global Citizens

Youth Webinar Series, “From a Refugee to a Global Citizen”

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Our young days are usually marked with sunny, warm, and bright 

moments flooded with hope and joy, but uninvited guests of life such as 

insecurities and uncertainties may also appear on the life journey in 

unexpected and unprepared forms.

Often stumbled and shaken, ‘young’ we slog through the hardships 

and challenges in our own ways and move on.

This is especially true for refugee youth.

Here are three young people who are making their ways embracing 

‘who they are’ despite the challenge they have faced as refugees. 

Determined to get through the huddles in their paths with resilience 

and faith in themselves,

they have reshaped their identity from refugees to global citizens.

Come and join the stage where these young leaders share their stories.

Be inspired, be empowered, and be a messenger of hope yourself!

1st session. “The moment I felt relieved”

Speaker: Claudine Uwizeyimana 

My name is Claudine Uwizeyimana, Burundian by Nationality but based in Zimbabwe for twelve years now as a refugee. Making a difference in people’s lives and effecting positive social change in the community is 

the most important aspect of a future to me than any other. All thanks to refugeehood!

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2nd session. “Stories as language for global”

Speaker: Hadi Althib

A Syrian advocate for mental health, program manager of storytelling and communication program. Starting my journey in a refugee shelter, I have been supporting families and young people with psycho-social support programs in #MeWeIntl. I see my journey as a refugee through the lens of global citizenship, which empowers me to support my community.

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3rd session. “I can be a global citizen, too”

Speaker: Leen Nasserallah

A Palestinian clinical pharmacist and public health professional from Balata refugee camp in Nablus city. I believe the world is huge and can take all of us in. I have big hopes for all Palestinian refugees to become global citizens with basic human rights and freedom. I am ready to share my journey of becoming a global citizen and how it changed my perspectives and experiences. Youth is where it all begins.

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