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Teaching MIL to Prevent Hate Speech

Application 08-12-2022 ~ 09-02-2022
Learning 09-09-2022 ~ 11-25-2022(11 [[study_weeks]])
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About the Course

What can be done when online hate speeches spread into the physical world? This closed course is designed for educators who want to teach about Media and Information Literacy. It will focus on the spreading of prejudice and stereotypes online and their consequences offline. The workshop will explain the role played by the Internet and the mechanisms of their diffusion on social networks (trends and patterns of online extremism). Using material found online, this course will allow the participants to experiment hands-on the functioning of Internet, define their own posture, and will give them the tools and recommendations to teach about it.

In particular, students who want to apply for this course should complete the prerequisite course “Critical Media Literacy” in advance.

Module No Title
1 The Challenges of Privacy Online
2 Consequences of Fake News and Conspiracy Theories
3 Online Discrimination and Hate Speech by Extremist Groups
4 The Role of Education

*NOTE: During the course, participation in live zoom sessions is mandatory for students. Please check the following timeline, and make sure you are available with the schedule of live sessions.

  • September 15 (8 AM - 10:30 AM GMT)
  • September 29 (8 AM - 10:30 AM GMT)
  • October 12 (8 AM - 10:30 AM GMT)
  • October 26 (8 AM - 10:30 AM GMT)



Mr. Fabrice Teicher

 - Independent consultant for NGOs and international institutions in structural change

 - Facilitator & Instructor on MIL and PVE (Prevention of Violent Extremism) at international seminars and workshops, including UNESCO

 - Experienced in the field of human rights, and worked on issues of racism, anti-Semitism and particularly issues on memory and victim competitions and conspiracy theories


Fabrice Teicher has been working for 20 years in the field of education, training and international solidarity in Europe, Asia and Africa. In charge of the training programs then of the international projects of a French Scouting association, he then coordinated the educational department of the Holocaust Memorial in Paris, and later directed a humanitarian development NGO present in 12 countries, to help children in needs.


Holding a MA in Contemporary History from the Sorbonne University in Paris, he has been working for 20 years on the issues of racism and discrimination and especially on issues of memory and victim competitions and conspiracy theories. This work has led him to intervene for some years in PVE programs in prisons, in schools and with professionals facing the rise of racism and extremism (civil servants, teachers, social workers, policymakers) as well as with International Organizations. He has been contributing to various PVE seminars and publications for UNESCO for the past few years.


Fabrice Teicher is an expert for the Radicalisation Awareness Network(RAN) of the European Commission.


E-mail: fabteicher@yahoo.fr

Course Reviews

  • Abigael Anaza-Mark
    The course on Media and Information Literacy facilitated by Mr Fabrice Tiecher has strengthened my quest to help learners improve upon their online safety skills. I am more empowered to understand what conspiracy theories are and how to identify them. I find it critical as the general election in my country is fast approaching with opposing parties prone to propagating fake noews about themselves.

    I also loved the group case we had to work on and I learnt a lot from the live sessions on Zoom.
  • Dr. Wyclife Ong'eta
    As an educator and peace practitioner I find this course helpful especially how modern technology could be used to advance peace or to fuel conflicts. Definitely this skills I will share with my team to get more enlightened and build the society resilient against hate speech and violent extremism.
  • Thinley Wangchuk
    The course is really educative and informative and the resources and session cover a wide range of concepts. It imparts a sense of critical thinking, reflection, and responsiveness. It boosts confidence and curative measure while using social media, digital footprints, and the level conducive situations. The session takes to the reality of social media usage, online hate speeches to the physical chaos. As a teacher, I felt I am more equipped to orient my students for better usage of social media.
  • Diana Nur Izati
    This course is rich of knowledge and insights. I learned and reflect a lot. It helps me to see wider but also narrowed my focus on what's going on in the media and what information is exactly are they trying to give us implicitly. It makes me be more careful on who to trust while searching for and giving in information online. And i would find a way to implement some of the materials to my teaching that are suitable for my students.
  • Meridith Merin
    Blessed and grateful to be part of this program. This was an awesome and enlightening experience. I have had an opportunity to understand and learn better about Media & Information and how it builds or destroys one and many. This course was well worth the sacrifice of tackling my schedule. Thanks for the great lectures, lessons, and activities. To Mr. Tiecher, just wanted to thank you for your time and for sharing your expertise on the topics of our classes, I really learned a lot from you. Thanks to all and God bless!
    I've learned the importance of media and information literacy amidst contemporary age. Kudos to our resource speaker for a very comprehensive and timely topic. More power!
  • Maria Teresita Carlos
    I am very glad to be a part of this learning group in the MIL course. I learned a lot of new things from the reading materials, videos, and discussions, really interesting.They are all worth sharing with my university students. The contents amused and aroused my curiosity on the logos ,symbols and conspiracy theories. It made me realize more how sensitive , scary, and violent the situations would be because of very irresponsible social media revelations . I would love to participate in another course that can enhance my perspectives and help me to become knowledgeable in many other things that affect the society. Thank you very much!
  • Anthony Guninita
    Honestly, I would like to attest that my participation in the MIL course, has helped me to become aware and sensitive on how to interact via social media. That is to be in a position to identify the negative risks that might happen from virtual world to a physical life on earth. Apart from that the MIL lecture has enriched me with a vast knowledge on how to deal with conspiracy theories individually, how to identify acts of violent extremism from education perspective.

    All in all, the reading materials and online learning videos have been fruitful and exhaustive in taking me thoroughly to understand the course.

    Thank you.
  • Nang Thaingi Myo
    Course materials are interesting and the discussion sessions are engaging. I like the flexibility of the course in which we can learn independently on GCED online campus and discuss during the live session.
  • Muhammad Yaqoob Salih
    Hello dear all,

    for me this course is really great assignment for me, I am really get attractive from this.

    I wish to have other training on this standard lecture.

    It's lovely and great