Applying GCED in classroomInstructor-led

Curriculum Development for GCED Educators: Perspectives, Purposes, and Practices

Application 06-10-2022 ~ 06-24-2022
Learning 07-04-2022 ~ 07-31-2022(4 Weeks)
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About the Course

This 4-week course provides a basic introduction to the principles, conceptual underpinnings, and creative design of curricula relevant to transformative education, specially GCED in both formal and non-formal contexts. The goal of this course is to provide teachers/participants with the theoretical framework for analyzing, critiquing, and investigating curriculum so that they will be able to design GCED curriculum responsive to their own contexts.



The course will consist of four “classroom” weeks. The course will open with a lecture or PowerPoint presentation or video clips followed by Forum discussions. Participants are expected to check the course site at the beginning of every course week to be aware of the requirements for the week.


Dr. Cawagas is an Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, Canada and was a Professor of Peace Education at the UN mandated University for Peace based in Costa Rica for many years. She has extensive teaching experiences in peace and development education, curriculum development, education for sustainable development, global education, and multicultural education in both formal and nonformal modes.

Course Reviews

  • Emil Responso
    The insights gained in this month-long yet jam-packed platform of learning are practically relevant gearing towards oneness. I am very much excited to craft an innovation that GCED is running through. This is quite new and refreshing to introduce and/or integrate in the basic education curriculum (across governance) in the Philippines.
  • Jasminka Milosevic
    I am happy that I had the opportunity to participate in this very useful training. I will do my best to implement as much as possible in my future work.