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Human Rights in the Context of GCED

Application 05-06-2022 ~ 05-26-2022
Learning 06-06-2022 ~ 07-17-2022(6 [[study_weeks]])
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About the Course

This 5-week course covers a basic introduction to human rights principles, standards and mechanisms, discussion of specific issues related to GCED from a human rights perspective, and an understanding of the teaching of human rights in relation to GCED issues. After taking this course, participants will be able to explain basic principles of human rights, discuss GCED issues from a human rights perspective, and expound on issues and systems of teaching human rights.


Week 1 : Society, History, Culture and Human Rights
Week 2 : International Human Rights Standards
Week 3 : GCED Issues Affecting Human Rights
Week 4 : Realizing Human Rights and GCED
Week 5 : Building Sustainable Communities


Various materials such as articles, videos, and documents from the United Nations, national/local governments, other institutions, and also individuals' are utilized for this Online Course.

Each weekly syllabus has several sections containing materials and questions.


Course Preview




Jeff Template,

Chief Researcher at HURIGHTS OSAKA, is mainly involved in the center’s Asia-Pacific programs on human rights. Committed to training educators and education officials, he has organized and facilitated numerous training workshops on human rights education, while researching human rights education and editing publications on the subject. He has contributed to APCEIU’s training programmes on human rights education and Global Citizenship Education as a facilitator and resource person for over 10 years now. 

Course Reviews

  • Anonymous
    the most impressive thing about the course is zoom session by the instructor.
  • Anonymous
    The most thrilling thing about the course was the different aspects and fields of everyone, the different contributions and learnings we got from reading about everyone's perspective and their view on issues regarding human rights in their country. We are all from different countries, but our challenges are pretty much similar.
  • Anonymous
    The level of participation from various participants which also allowed me to learn from them.
  • Anonymous
    Weekly Zoom discussions and all the participants
  • Anonymous
    The issues related to Human rights have existed in every part of the world. And the materials given in this course helped me to understand the causes of the issues and how to analyze and introduce my colleagues to supportive regulations, ordinances, and other important resources.
  • Anonymous
    Learning about human rights from a global perspective
  • Anonymous
    I was impressed with all the materials presented but most of all with the expertise of our lecturer
  • Anonymous
    Global classmates/historical context of HR/receiving many curated resources.
  • Anonymous
    It allowed participants to work at their own pace
  • Anonymous
    feedbacks from Mr. Jeff always make me rethink of my understanding of HR and also sharing session during the zoom is very meaningful