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Glocal Justice and Peacebuilding

Application 02-18-2021 ~ 03-11-2021
Learning 03-22-2021 ~ 04-30-2021(6 weeks)
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About the Course

This course seeks to provide an overview of the relationship between conflicts and social justice at local and global levels as well as peacebuilding initiatives to transform such conflicts in both South and North contexts.  It identifies structural violence or social and economic inequalities and injustices as one of the root causes of global and local (glocal) conflicts  and also explores strategies whereby nations and their citizens can live together with justice and compassion to build a culture of peace through personal and social action. Drawing  on case studies in diverse regions in the Global South, four  specific themes or sectors will be critically examined, including paradigms of development and globalization, the  rural poor, women and children, and indigenous peoples.


Educators, professionals  and peacebuilders working in formal as well as non-formal educational contexts are welcome to enroll in the course.  It will provide ideas and strategies for integrating  the theme of  glocal (global and local) justice in programmes of global citizenship education and other interrelated fields of transformative education.




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is Professor Emeritus in Education, University of Alberta (Canada) and President of the World Council for Curriculum & Instruction (WCCI). He was formerly a Distinguished Professor of University for Peace (Costa Rica), Director of the Multi-Faith Center, Griffith University, Australia and  Visiting Professor in several global North and global South countries.   


Born in Malaysia and a citizen of Canada and Australia, he has been a high school teacher, teacher educator and social studies textbook author in the interrelated fields of education for a culture of peace, disarmament, human rights, global-local justice, intercultural understanding, sustainable futures, interfaith dialogue and global citizenship.  


He has contributed to several international networks/including UNESCO, Peace Education Commission, APCEIU and the World Council for Curriculum & Instruction (WCCI) to which he was recently elected as President. His involvement with APCEIU include co-author of the Feasibility Report for establishing APCEIU, a member of  APCEIU’s Advisory Committee and Governing Board (2000-2019), and facilitator in several Asia-Pacific training workshops, curriculum, research and policy development  projects.


In 2000, he was awarded the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education.  



※For any inquiries regarding taking the course, please contact GCED Online Campus administrators, gcedonline@unescoapceiu.org.

Course Reviews

  • Louise May Lim
    It is heartbreaking to re-discover the unjust realities of world living--the structural violence being faced by our farmers, fisherfolks, women, children and indigenous peoples every day and in one way or another I may be instrumental why they suffer. But our Glocal Justice and Peacebuilding course with Prof. Swee-Hin Toh keeps on reassuring me that we can still do so much by mobilizing our assets---doing what we are best at in contributing to achieve the possibility of a better future. Seeing that we are in solidarity to rethink our longstanding beliefs, misconceptions, unjust and insensitive practices sparks rays of hope that a more compassionate, just, kind, and peaceful world is in the making. I may sound so hopeful, but I do not see it as a weakness, if we want to become the change we want to see in this lifetime, we must work for it and it should begin with HOPE, because it will drive us to greater heights with a purpose to bring justice and peace (even little by little), moreover, it keeps on reminding me to LIVE SIMPLY, SO OTHERS MAY SIMPLY LIVE.
  • Tanyaradzwa Sithole
    very insightful and thought provoking although it reflects that achieving world peace will remain a struggle with the power dynamics that have already been set up by the wealthiest countries who control and own the greater part of world wealth.