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5th Global Capacity-Building Workshop on GCED

Application 11-23-2020 ~ 12-18-2020
Learning 11-23-2020 ~ 12-18-2020(4 Weeks)
Course ID 2020_80_CL006_1_1_global
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About the Course

This 4-week course, specifically designed for the selected participants of the 5th Global Capacity-Building Workshop on GCEㅇ, aims to enhance their capacity as teacher trainers, teachers, policy makers and curriculum developers in the four major sectors of GCED – policy making, curriculum development, teacher training, and student assessment. A series of lectures will provide opportunities for the participants to deepen their understanding and knowledge of GCED as well as to critically think about issues around global citizenship in a timely manner. 



Course Reviews

  • Chiku Mnubi Mchombu
    I find the definition of globalization is very interesting. There is a need to adopt a standardized definition which be adopted for GCED program. Definition which takes into consideration different backgrounds i.e cultural, socio and economic diverse of different different continent. I
  • Tavanh Khounbolay
    Hi I just received the notification on attending classroom today, 24 Nov 2020, 6:30 am, and following the instruction to enter the classroom, I realized that the course has been proceeded up to session 4 already.