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Prerequisite course for the 9th Global Capacity-Building Workshop on GCED

Application 06-07-2024 ~ 07-07-2024
Learning 06-07-2024 ~ 07-07-2024(4 Weeks)
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About the Course

This course provides basic knowledge of Global Citizenship Education (GCED), especially in the context of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Throughout the course, students will be able to acquire knowledge of GCED in various aspects of global issues and reflect on the role of education in achieving GCED and SDGs with various learning materials. This prerequisite course is exclusively for applicants of the 9th Global Capacity-Building Workshop on GCED 2024.



UNESCO Asia-Pacific Institute of Education for International Understanding

Course Reviews

  • Ugyen Thinley Doya
    The course was very enriching and beneficial for me.
  • Hendri Ilyas
    I love all the parts of the lectures, they enhanced my insights and knowledge
  • Choeten Thinley
    The significant impact of Community-Based Learning (CBL) within the framework of Global Citizenship Education (GCED). It highlights CBL's crucial role in nurturing proactive attitudes towards social change, emphasizing sustainability, and upholding ethical considerations. Reflecting on this statement reveals the transformative potential of CBL in preparing students to become active, responsible, and compassionate global citizens.

    CBL encourages students to take the initiative and make meaningful contributions to their communities. This proactive approach instills a sense of responsibility and empowerment, motivating students to actively engage in social change. Through participation in community-based projects, students learn to identify issues, develop solutions, and implement actions that positively affect their communities. This hands-on experience is invaluable for cultivating leadership skills, fostering a sense of agency, and promoting a commitment to making a difference in the world.

  • Maulida Dwi Agustiningsih
    broader our pov, nice
    I enjoy the first part andexcited
  • Thinley Namgay Thinley Namgay
    Excellent.. i enjoyed all the video session from unit 1.
  • Tashi Dawa Tashi Dawa
    Very interesting and informative course.
  • Matthias Erekuso
    The course was very interesting and engaging. I have learnt how to be a global citizen.
  • Emmanuel Ojochujadu Salifu
    This lecture is essential to this generation an the next on how to bring about sustainability into our world and uphold it with everything we have.
  • Pema Wangzom
    I loved the programme, and would definitely visit the videos uploaded. it was indeed interesting.