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Curriculum Development for GCED Educators: Perspectives, Purposes, and Practices

Application 04-22-2024 ~ 05-26-2024
Learning 06-01-2024 ~ 06-30-2024(4 Weeks)
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About the Course

This 4-week course provides a basic introduction to the principles, conceptual underpinnings, and creative design of curricula relevant to transformative education, especially GCED in both formal and non-formal contexts. The goal of this course is to provide teachers/participants with the theoretical framework for analyzing, critiquing, and investigating curriculum so that they will be able to design GCED curriculum responsive to their own contexts.


The course will consist of four “classroom” weeks. The course will open with a lecture or PowerPoint presentation or video clips followed by Forum discussions. Participants are expected to check the course site at the beginning of every course week to be aware of the requirements for the week.



Dr. Cawagas is a Professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, Canada and was a Professor of Peace Education at the UN mandated University for Peace based in Costa Rica for many years. She has extensive teaching experiences in peace and development education, curriculum development, education for sustainable development, global education, and multicultural education in both formal and nonformal modes.

Course Reviews

  • Lorena Echalar
    I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to Prof. Jean Cawagas and APCEIU for putting together such an informative and engaging program. Your dedication to furthering education on this important topic is truly commendable. Thank you for providing this valuable opportunity for growth and learning. It has been an enriching experience that will undoubtedly impact our work positively.
    This is actually my 1st time to attend an online class with GCED and I'm so grateful for the opportunity of being with you Prof and my classmates.
    Thank you once again Prof Jean and GCED, for your hard work and commitment to empowering educators in the realm of Global Citizenship Education.
  • Bakhtyar Khan
    First and foremost, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to UNESCO-APCIEU for providing me with the invaluable opportunity to participate in this online training. Special thanks to our esteemed Professor, Dr. Cawagas, whose insightful guidance and support throughout the course were instrumental in enhancing my learning experience.

    The course was exceptionally well-structured and comprehensive, equipped with all the necessary resources to facilitate a thorough understanding of each lesson. As an educator involved in curriculum development, I found the content highly relevant and beneficial. The course has significantly refined my skills and knowledge in this field, and I am eager to share the insights and resources gained with my colleagues at our institution.

    Additionally, the technical team deserves commendation for their unwavering support, ensuring a smooth and efficient learning environment. The collaborative spirit fostered by participants from diverse backgrounds further enriched my learning experience, offering valuable perspectives and shared wisdom.

    Overall, this training has significantly augmented my knowledge, skills, and competencies, which I am confident will greatly contribute to my ongoing academic endeavors. I extend my heartfelt thanks once again to everyone involved in making this course a success and wish continued success and growth for all
  • Ditty Varghese
    The course Curriculum Development for GCED Educators: Perspectives, Purposes, and Practices, offered by UNESCO-APCEIU, was highly informative and interactive. The course materials and reading exercises constructed a global perspective for global citizenship. Professor Cawages' feedback was very guiding, helpful, and insightful. Overall, this course has helped me reflect and build on my existing competencies as an educationist. Thank you, and I recommend this course to every educator. Thanks!
  • Erwin Ortiz
    Foremost, I would like to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation to UNESCO-APCIEU for the opportunity to be part of this online training, most especially to our Professor, Dr. Cawagas, who was very insightful and helpful during the whole duration of the course. I can say, that the whole course was well-structured and with complete with all the needed resources in order to understand each lesson. Certainly, the course refined my abilities as an educator in curriculum development, and i will certainly share all the learnings and resources to my colleagues in our university. The technical team was also very helpful during the whole class. I have also learned a lot from the sharings of participants from other countries. Overall, this course has added a lot of wisdom, knowledge and new skills that i can use to further improve in my academic pursuits. Again, thank you and more power to all.
    The course Curriculum Development for GCED Educators: Perspectives, Purposes, and Practices, offered by APCEIU, was fantastic and insightful for effective curriculum development crucial for a sustainable future. It was well-structured, blending video lectures, reading materials, and interactive activities to introduce Global Citizenship Education (GCED) into educational programs. As an academician, I discovered many new things, and Professor Cawagas was an excellent, kind instructor. The user-friendly, self-paced platform was enriching, though it could benefit from more interactive elements like live Q&A sessions and detailed feedback on assignments. Learning from classmates also expanded my worldview. This course provided a comprehensive introduction to educational history, innovations, and various viewpoints. The final assignment, allowing us to apply our learning practically, was the highlight. Thank you, GCED Online Campus, for this incredible course, which I highly recommend to educators looking to incorporate GCED principles into their teaching.
  • Fatima Mazhar
    The course "Curriculum Development for GCED Educators: Perspectives, Purposes, and Practices" offered by APCEIU provided deep insights into the realm of effective and efficient curriculum development. The course was not only well-structured but also comprehensive and very informative. Being an academician myself, I learned so many new things that I wasn’t aware of previously. Prof. Cawagas was a wonderful instructor and a kind soul. Thoroughly enjoyed interacting with her.
  • Khun Kham Rhur
    I recently completed the online course "Curriculum Development for GCED Educators: Perspectives, Purposes, and Practices" offered by APCEIU, and it was a wonderful experience. The course is well-structured and provides a comprehensive introduction to integrating Global Citizenship Education (GCED) into educational programs. What I love is the content, it was informative, with a good mix of video lectures, reading materials, and interactive activities. The instructor is really knowledgeable and presents the material in an accessible manner. The platform is user-friendly, allowing for flexible, self-paced learning. However, the course could benefit from more interactive elements, such as live Q&A sessions, and more detailed feedback on assignments. Overall, this course is highly recommended for educators looking to incorporate GCED principles into their teaching practices.
  • Masud Rana
    The course "Curriculum Development for GCED Educators: Perspectives, Purposes, and Practices" offered by APCEIU is a timely needed course round the world. The course has been designed in a very skillful way. I, along with other educators round the world came to know how design a new short curriculum on GCED step by step. Though it was an online course, it seemed we are in an in person participants because of the time to time communication and instruction by email. In this case I would like to thank Meto and Archita who were always in touch with the participants. I am grateful to professor Cawagas. We got insightful feedback on different assignments in our forum discussions. She provided her valuable suggestions on almost every post. It was really a very tough job for her. But it was very effective for us. Now I am very much confident to design my own curriculum on GCED for any sort of duration. I am very much satisfied for this. Thank you APCEIU for offering such a nice and timely needed course. I want to have more course like this from APCEIU..
  • Ravi Khanal
    I'm thrilled to participate in "Curriculum Development for GCED Educators" as it offers valuable guidance on developing effective global citizenship education (GCED) curriculum. I was excited to explore philosophical approaches, purposes, and outcomes under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. The course's focus on practical, hands-on strategies for curriculum design is particularly appealing, as I'm always looking for concrete tools to apply in my classroom. I believed this course has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to foster globally-minded students who can make a positive impact. The instructor's real-world expertise in GCED program development is an asset in helping me integrate impactful competencies and methods into my lesson plans.
  • Blessing Awamba
    Wow! What a course "Curriculum Development for GCED Educators: Perspectives, Purposes, and Practices" has turned out to be. Beyond being delivered by a masterful and compassionate lecturer, Professor Cawagas, it is also timely learning for the violent-ridden times we are in and the sustainable future we hope to build which can only be done with quality education. For someone who had no theoretical background in education but only experiential with my advocacy work, this course has both introduced me to/spurred me towards learning about educational history, innovations over time, and the various viewpoints that have led to the current realities of education worldwide. This course allowed me to also learn from my classmates about their contexts, thereby expanding my worldview.
    The icing on the cake was the final assignment, a culmination of all we learned in the four weeks, giving us the chance to create something we can be proud of for our use.
    Thank you, GCED Online Campus, for making this possible.