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Voices of Youth: Youth Advocacy for GCED (10th Youth Workshop Participants Only)

Application 04-29-2024 ~ 04-29-2024
Learning 04-29-2024 ~ 05-03-2024(1 Weeks)
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About the Course

The course aims to provide base knowledge and practical skills in youth advocacy to enhance the capacities of youth activists and to inspire potential young leaders to effectively promote GCED at local and global levels. Through the course, participants are expected to recognize youth as an active agent for GCED and gain competencies in planning and implementing youth-led activities in a variety of contexts. The course introduces what advocacy is, how to plan and carry out campaigns and other advocacy initiatives on GCED, and shares good cases and practices worldwide.


Session 1 : GCED in a Changing Society 
Session 2 : Understanding Advocacy 
Session 3 : Youth Advocacy Examples 
Session 4 : How to Advocate? 

This course is designed and offered exclusively for the participants of the 10th Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED.


Enrollment Process

As long as your application is successfully submitted, you will be enrolled to the course. 

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