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Human Rights in the Context of GCED

Application 07-12-2023 ~ 07-23-2023
Learning 08-01-2023 ~ 09-24-2023(8 Weeks)
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About the Course

This 5-week course covers a basic introduction to human rights principles, standards and mechanisms, discussion of specific issues related to GCED from a human rights perspective, and an understanding of the teaching of human rights in relation to GCED issues. After taking this course, participants will be able to explain basic principles of human rights, discuss GCED issues from a human rights perspective, and expound on issues and systems of teaching human rights.

Week 1 : Society, History, Culture and Human Rights
Week 2 : International Human Rights Standards
Week 3 : GCED Issues Affecting Human Rights
Week 4 : Realizing Human Rights and GCED
Week 5 : Building Sustainable Communities

Various materials such as articles, videos, and documents from the United Nations, national/local governments, other institutions, and also individuals' are utilized for this Online Course.

Each weekly syllabus has several sections containing materials and questions.


Course Preview




Jeff Plantilla,

Researcher at HURIGHTS OSAKA, is mainly involved in the center’s Asia-Pacific programs on human rights. Committed to training educators and education officials, he has organized and facilitated numerous training workshops on human rights education, while researching human rights education and editing publications on the subject. He has contributed to APCEIU’s training programmes on human rights education and Global Citizenship Education as a facilitator and resource person for over 10 years now. 

Course Reviews

  • Gianna Catolico
    I am forever grateful for being one of the "graduates" of this course. There was never a dull moment - I enjoyed all five sessions! I learned a lot from my peers and got to discover other profound human rights issues faced by indigenous peoples and its robust ties with GCED. The instructor (Mr. Jeff Plantilla) is hospitable, articulate, highly knowledgeable about the themes of this training course. The training materials are informative and insightful. To better improve the course syllabus and cater to non-educators like me, perhaps we can extend the deadline of the Week 5 individual homework to two weeks and perhaps send us a sample training guide template. I struggled to complete the Week 5 individual exercise because I don't have a educational background.
  • Rupendra Maharjan
    I recently had the privilege of enrolling in a course that has truly broadened my horizons and enriched my understanding of human rights and global citizenship education (GCED). I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Prof. Dr. Jeff Plantilla, Ms. Archita, Ms. Meto, and the entire GCED team for their dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to promoting human rights education. This course has been a transformative experience, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn from such exceptional Professor. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking to gain a profound understanding of human rights and its intersection with global citizenship education. Thank you for empowering us to make a positive impact on the world.
  • Siti Aisyah
    Very enjoyable learning about course on Human Rights and GCED. Deepen knowledge about human rights. Know and analyze various cases related to human rights. Learning process through various tasks, deepening of facts, analysis according to the relevance of each region, and discussion to share thoughts and concrete steps in solving cases related to human rights. This course gave me a further perspective that human rights involve many aspects and parties, solving with many approaches and involving the community. This course is suitable to be studied especially by the younger generation in the field of education to develop and improve their capacity that is relatable to our life to students and society.

    Thank you
  • Tshering Penjor
    It was an enriching and great experience on the journey of the online course. This course on Human Rights and GCED is absolutely informative. Mr. Jeff was knowledgeable and passionate, and he presented the material in a way that was engaging and thought-provoking. I appreciated the real-world examples and case studies that helped me understand the practical application of human rights principles in a global context. The discussion forums were also a great way to interact with fellow learners and exchange ideas. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in human rights and global citizenship!
  • Nuhad Mubarak
    I had a great experience! The course was well-organized and informative, and I learned a lot from the instructor and the other participants.

    The instructor was very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter. He did a great job of explaining the concepts in a way that was easy to understand. He also provided us with many opportunities to practice what we were learning through hands-on exercises and assignments.

    The other participants in the course were also wonderful people. We were all from different backgrounds and had different levels of experience, but we all learned from each other and supported each other.

    However, I do have one suggestion for improvement. I wish that there had been more group work in the course, especially in weeks 4 and 5. I think that group work would have been a great way to engage better with the training participants and to learn from each other's experiences.

    Overall, though, I had a great experience with the course and I would definitely recommend it to others
  • Oluwasegun Ogunsakin
    The course has really help my understanding about Human rights in the context of GCED. It gives me th skills to implement project that are around GCED and classroom development.
  • Salvatory Juma
    The course has really put greatest impact on me and I hope my Fellow participants, Human Rights in the context of GCED has been an issue and relating to my country we are by far in the lowest level. Thanks to Prof. Jeff for his broader questions he asked during the course to make us understand how Human Right works in the context of GCED. The course is going to help us get the communities and educate them the basic of Human Rights in the context of GCED.
  • Andy Copada Alegre_Philippines
    The course has immensely helped me to better understand human rights in the context of GCED especially on relevant human rights issues at the regional and international levels. Sir Jeff Plantilla posed relevant questions in the live sessions and discussion assignments that allowed me to critically think, analyze cases and apply personal insights. Moreover, the active participation of my classmates has helped me further to know more about their country and communities and how to address the issues they know and experience in their context. I highly encourage lecturers and field workers to enroll in this course for personal development and to further enhance their capacities in teaching and incorporating human rights education into various communities

    Alumnus [Human Rights in the Context of GCED_2022]
  • Vương Khanh Lý_Vietnam
    The course is structured with contents living up to its objectives. There were online discussions with practical questions and useful materials before the live sessions on Zoom. The instructor encouraged all students to express their personal views, which made the perspective on legal and educational aspects of human rights multidimensional. I am extremely grateful to the organizing committee for giving me the opportunity to participate in this meaningful fully funded program.

    Alumna [Human Rights in the Context of GCED_2022]