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Regenerative Leadership and the Inner Development Goals (IDGs)

Application 05-03-2023 ~ 05-20-2023
Learning 05-26-2023 ~ 07-10-2023(7 Weeks)
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About the Course


WEEK 1 From Sustainability to Regeneration
WEEK 2 From Fragmentation to Integration
WEEK 3 Essential Skills and The Inner Development Goals
WEEK 4 Redefining Success & New Leadership


- 4 weeks,  instructor-led online course starting June 5th, 2023

- Access recorded Master Classes, interactive live sessions, and participatory exercises, including a self-assessment and roadmap tool to advance

  the Inner Development Goals.

- Deep dive into highly curated resources including SIMA Academy films, hand-picked articles, and state-of-the-art references. 





Course Reviews

  • Mansi Bhavsar
    It was inspiring, informative and amazing course. Thank you Miss Virginia and APCIEU for this life changing experience.
  • Faryal Bahawi
    It was an inspiring course with a lot of resources and was very different from any other leadership course. I watched the sessions and the provided materials not only to fulfill the requirements and complete the assignments but because what I was learning from it made me feel good and helped me become a better person. I started to worry less, enjoy the process, and start a journey within myself.
    Words could never adequately explain how delighted I am to have enrolled in this course and learned so many things that will change my life and make the world a place where everyone can live in harmony and peace. 
    Thank you, dear Virginia, you are so inspiring and a real leader that I would never forget. Stay blessed and Happy. :)
  • Anthony Gyamfi-Adu
    I thank the organizers and the instructors for the opportunity to participate in the Regenerative Leadership and Inner Development Goals course, and it was truly transformative. This course goes beyond the traditional leadership development by emphasizing the importance of inner growth and personal transformation as essential components of effective leadership. The instructor (Mrs. Virginia was knowledgeable, engaging, and created a supportive learning environment. The course content was thought-provoking, covering topics such as Sustainability to Regeneration, From Fragmentation to Integration, Essential Skills and The Inner Development Goals, and Redefining Success & New Leadership. Through a combination of interactive exercises, group discussions, and reflective practices, I gained valuable insights into my own leadership style and discovered new ways to cultivate regenerative practices in both my personal and professional life. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to enhance their leadership skills while also nurturing their inner growth. I also thank my fellow participants who had contributed by sharing ideas during the live sessions. Your contributions have opened a new door for me to learn. Once again, thank you to Mrs. Virginia your great impact shall not be forgotten and continually be scripted in the tablet of my heart.
  • K.Mubarak Ali
    It is a great pleasure to show my profound gratitude. Your lecturing strategies, and kind advice on research methods and methodologies were very useful and the memory lingers on. Thank you once again and I hope we keep the communication going because I never want to loose contact with you,Keep the good work going,

    I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and layed out,The assignments were very beneficial to the entire learning process,overall, I found it effective and I enjoyed it.simultaneously to apply the knowledge gained by the lecture
    Thanks to all my fellow participants
  • Rita. Amayo
    Good morning GCED team on Regenerative Leadership and Inner Development Goals (IDGs) Course,
    I will say thank you for the opportunity granted to learn from your platform. The course was very impactful, a little shift from my profession and better perspective of life in itself.
    The Professor/Instructor and all the crew members were very good. The Instructor I feel delivered the course very well, and gave enough insight to the course, giving instructional material guide.
    Presently I applied this lecture yesterday to a course I handled and will do so in more subsequent future lectures and application to life issues itself. This is really a paradigm shift for me generally.
    Thank you.
    Rita .I. Amayo
  • Marty Ian Gideon Flores
    This course is enlightening and life changing. The Professor is amazing--she is diligent and expert. I personally like how this course converge traditional lecture and films in conveying its message!

    Maraming Salamat!
  • Jacob Deng Bol Deng
    It is a life-changing course thank you to the instructor and the GCED team for wonderful job