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Understanding Conflicts and the Process of Peaceful Resolution: What educators can, and should do to promote peace?

Application 01-29-2020 ~ 12-31-2020
Learning 01-31-2020 ~ 12-31-2020(48 weeks)
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About the Course

In the world where lots of conflicts and violent situations are taking place these days, understanding of the conflict and efforts to establish peaceful atmosphere in a society are more urgently required than ever. This 4-week course aims to provide learners to acquire knowledge about the basic understanding and major components of Conflict, Violence and Peacebuilding not only in general but also in localized context, particularly in the African context. Moreover, the course let learners get to know about the ecology of Conflicts and Peace in each learner’s localized context. Going through the sessions, learners will be able to enhance their competencies to apply Peacebuilding into their own context, reaffirming their commitment as global citizens and promoting GCED.


The course is composed of the following four sessions. Each session provides a lecture and additional learning materials followed by discussions and assignments. To effectively assist learners’ understanding and learning progress, a set of quizzes will be offered per session. Run in a self-paced mood, the course is open throughout the year. Upon the successful completion of the course, a certificate is provided!




Dr. Yonas Adaye Adeto


- Director of Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS) in Addis Ababa University

- Facilitated numerous workshops and trainings for teachers, officials and organizations in peace education and Global Citizenship Education

- Expert in International Relations and, particularly, peace and security studies

Course Reviews

  • Suratchai Jantatum
    very informative!!
  • Willem Hart
    Very informative and interesting. I have not come across something like this in my studies and am happy I have been exposed.
  • Zafar Ali
    very informative lectures
  • Muhammad Abdur Rahman Miah
    Although I am starting from now but I feel proud to be a participant of this course. I have an interest in understanding conflict, the sources of conflict, the types of conflict and the strategy to resolute the conflict situation. I hope that I will be benefited from this course.
  • Daniel BISHAGARI
    This course was specifically designed for me! I am from a place torn of wars and tribal conflicts. It positions me well to understand conflict resolution for a peaceful nation and life as well.
    I am very glad that I have attended this course it is going to change my perspectives and hoping to be a good ambassador to my society
  • Neha kumari Teli
    i am neha from india i am very happy to share my views on this course its is very useful for me and it will be helpful in my future
  • Naveen Chaparwal
    my self Naveen Chaparwal i am very glad to be doing this course "Understanding Conflicts and process of Peace Resolution"
  • Prince Z.K. Nuah Prince Z.K. Nuah
    i am Prince Z. K. Nuah i am very glad to be doing this course "Understanding Conflicts and process of Peace Resolution" this course have enlighten my mind in finding possible resolution to conflict and those steps involved in negotiation.
  • Tumenta Kerennehelga
    I am so excited to be taking this particular course on Understanding conflicts and process of peace resolution. This is so because my beautiful country is currently in serious crisis due to the inability of the government and its citizens to live in peace. So i must sincerely say this course is indeed timely for me. normally, a topic on peace is one everyone needs, cause as humans, we general learn how to live with others on a daily basis. It is a course for both the old and young.